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Zhong-zhe Lin, Section Chief of the Economic Affairs Office of Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea, led a delegation to visit Deputy Mayor Chin-Rong Lin

Delegates led by Zhong-zhe Lin, Section Chief of the Economic Affairs Office of Gyeonggi-do, visited Deputy Mayor of Taipei City Chin-Rong Lin on May 17th. The two sides exchanged views on topics such as youth employment, industrial policy, and international exchanges.
Section Chief Lin said that the Economic Affairs Office specially arranged for three public servants with less than 1 year of seniority to join the delegation. He expressed hope that the governance experience of Taipei City could teach them to promote relevant businesses in the future. In this way, the two cities will promote further exchanges, expand current cooperative projects, and implement additional cooperative projects.
Deputy Mayor Lin said that the method of training talented people in Gyeonggi-do is quite far-sighted and worth learning. He also said that Taipei City has close exchanges with four cities, namely Gyeonggi-do, Seoul, Busan, and Daejeon. Gyeonggi-do and Taipei City are friendship cities with frequent cultural and sports exchanges. Seoul and Taipei City are sister cities, and both sides often exchange public housing experience. Busan is one of the members of GO Smart, the global smart city alliance promoted by Taipei City. Deputy Mayor Lin also invited Mayor Ko to attend the Asia-Pacific City Summit in Daejeon.
Section Chief Lin said that the youth unemployment rate in Gyeonggi-do is as high as 10% and introduced the youth employment subsidy and other policies adopted. He also expressed hopes to send his colleagues to visit Taipei Youth Career Development Center, also known as Taipei Youth Salon. In addition, he expressed great interest in the Science-based Industrial Park and Start-up Industry policies of Taipei City.
The Deputy Commissioner of Department of Economic Development said that Taipei City is expected to complete the Taipei East Gateway Expansion Plan (which is based on biotechnology) within 3 years and the Neihu Innovation Base within 1 year.
Finally, Section Chief Lin shared the experience of the government of Gyeonggi Province in emulating Japan’s promotion of official development assistance and the cooperation between the central and local governments of South Korean in promoting diplomacy and international exchanges.