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Mayor Ko Attended Taipei City’s Centennial Event with More Than 40 Foreign Diplomatic Envoys

Mayor Ko Attended the 100th Year Anniversary of Taipei Event
On October 26, 2020, Mayor Ko attended “Taipei City’s Centennial Event: Guided Commemorative Exhibition and Exchange Event with Foreign Envoys in Taiwan” at the Taipei City Archives, with Deputy Mayor Ping-Kun, Tsai and Tom Chou, Commissioner of the External Affairs. More than 40 diplomatic envoys in Taiwan attended the event, including representatives from the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom, France, European Union, and countries with diplomatic relations with Taiwan. All the participants witnessed the 100-year-history of Taipei City together.
Mayor Ko stated in the welcome speech that Taipei City is full of cultural diversity and internationalization. He would further endeavor to construct Taipei City as an English-friendly living environment to enhance its international visibility and competitiveness. The mayor expects to collaborate with all foreign units in Taipei to create more opportunities for investment and exchange.
The historical exhibition tour began after the group photoshoot in front of Nishi Honganji. The exhibition consisted of an indoor exhibition in the Shuxin Hall and an outdoor guided tour in front of the Taipei City Archives. Mayor Ko and Deputy Mayor Tsai accompanied the guests throughout the whole tour. They then invited the envoys to experience the Taiwanese tea culture in the historical building Rinbansyo and enjoyed the erhu, dizi, and zhongruan ensemble performance by the Taipei Chinese Orchestra.
This event was intended to invite diplomatic envoys in Taiwan to participate in cultural experience and exchange to increase their understanding of the history and culture of Taipei City and continue the spirit of “diversity, integrity, and prosperity” for the future Taipei.