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Taipei Shared Its Epidemic Prevention Experience on CityNet’s Webinar and on Other International Websites

On April 10, 2020, the Taipei City Government sent representatives to attend the webinar hosted by CityNet entitled “Consultation Series on Rapid Responses for COVID-19.” The webinar comprised two sessions: the first featured representatives from Seoul, Yokohama, and Taipei who shared their pandemic prevention experiences, and the second featured a Q&A that was open to all 78 city representatives who attended the webinar.
The CEO of CityNet, Mr. Yim Geun Hyeong, reported how South Korea has used its so-called “TRUST” system to connect central and local governments with the people, where TRUST stands for “Transparency,” “Responsibility,” “United Action,” and “Science and Technology.” The TRUST system has many functions, such as the provision of information by the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on the state of the pandemic and on pandemic prevention practices that the public should adopt. The system also guides users to rapid drive-through screenings for COVID-19 and informs users of the number of surgical masks in stock at their local pharmacy. Thanks in part to the TRUST system, the number of confirmed cases in South Korea has been decreasing since mid-March.    
Turning to the Yokohama representative, the Program Development Director of CityNet in the Yokohama Project Office, Mr. Kendra Hirata, analyzed the possible route of transmission of COVID-19 and urgently called on people to avoid going to crowded places to prevent the spread of the disease.
Finally, the Executive Director of the Taipei City Government International Affairs Advisory Council, Mr. Yang Ching-Hui, shared how Taiwan has adopted advanced deployment strategies, implemented technology, emphasized information transparency, utilized its robust health care infrastructure, and enacted controls on supplies of critical items. He further shared how Taiwan has also formulated inventive pandemic prevention measures, such as quarantine hotels, quarantine taxi services, face mask vending machines, and the “CooC Cloud” online education system.  
In addition to participating in the CityNet webinar, Taipei City was also invited to participate in several international online platforms. These platforms were specifically designed to connect cities worldwide, allowing them to coordinate their fight against COVID-19. Thus far, Taipei has participated in the “Cities for Global Health” hosted by Metropolis, and the “Cities Against COVID-19” hosted by Seoul, South Korea. Through sharing our experiences and publishing articles regarding pandemic prevention measures, Taipei has strengthened its relationships with communities around the globe.
Taipei shared experience on International platforms for COVID-19, such as “Cities for Global Health”, and “Cities Against COVID-19”.