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In Response to the Pact of Free Cities, Taipei City Supports Ukraine

Taipei City Supports Ukraine
Taipei City Government hosted a Support Ukraine event in the lobby of the City Hall on March 3, inviting ambassadors to the Republic of China, including Director Filip Grzegorzewski of European Economic and Trade Office, Representative Martin Podstavek of Slovak Economic and Cultural Office Taipei, Deputy Director Guillaume Delvallee of the French Office in Taipei, and Director Cyryl Kozaczewski of the Polish Office in Taipei, along with overseas Ukrainian and student representatives in Taiwan, to jointly express support for the people of Ukraine.
In his speech, Mayor Ko Wen-Je said that Warsaw, a sister city to Taipei City from Poland, has currently accepted hundreds of thousand Ukrainian refugees and sent a letter to Taipei City to seek support. Taipei City Government will provide humanitarian support via the Emergency Relief Account of the Department of Social Welfare, and he himself will also express support through donations for the Ukrainian refugees from the Russo–Ukrainian War.
Grzegorzewski expressed gratitude to Mayor Ko and Taipei City Government for hosting the Support Ukraine event. He expressed that the whole world should provide humanitarian support to the refugees from the Russo–Ukrainian War and assist the Ukrainian society in recovering as soon as possible. The Ukrainian student representatives also expressed gratitude to Ko and the ambassadors, indicating that they have witnessed many fake news Russia is spreading regarding Ukraine in recent days. The representatives called for the world to believe in Ukraine rather than succumbing to the fake news.
Taipei City Government arranged a backboard representing the blue and yellow flag of Ukraine in the courtyard of Taipei City Hall and invited the attendants and Taipei City residents to leave messages to voice support for Ukraine.