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TCG signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the Civil Servant Exchange Programme

On March 1, at the mayoral cabinet meeting, TCG International Affairs Executive Secretary Ching-Yu Yao and United Cities and Local Government Asia-Pacific (UCLG ASPAC) Secretary General Dr. Bernadia Irawati Tjandradewi, witnessed by Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-Je, signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the Civil Servant Exchange Programme. This MOU will bring Taipei City Hall more opportunities to cooperate with international organizations and introduce city hall staff to a wider vision of international collaboration, helping us to drive Taipei’s evolution into an international city.
An afternoon luncheon was arranged for Dr. Bernadia, Seoul Government exchange trainee David Kang and twenty members of staff from Taipei City Hall. During the luncheon, Dr. Bernadia talked about UCLG ASPCA’s goals and gave an open invitation for anyone to participate in the governmental exchange programme. David Kang also talked about his experiences as an exchange trainee and the importance of international relations, encouraging everyone to apply for the trainee programmed to Jakarta in Indonesia.
The Taipei City Hall Secretariat Department stated that active participation in international organizations has always been a high priority, and that this MOU with UCLG ASPAC will enable City Hall staff, with the help of the Secretariat Department, to work in Jakarta as exchange trainees. The job will include assisting in research, developing cases and international relationships, and also serving as the go-between for cities and in any other UCLG ASPAC projects.
UCLG, the world’s largest local government organization, was established in Paris in 2004. UCLG includes the regional UCLG ASPAC and eight other divisions. Taipei is one of the founding members of UCLG ASPAC and still holds the titles of Council Member and Executive Bureau Member. Taipei has also hosted the UCLG ASPAC Congress.