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Taipei City Re-elected as UCLG ASPAC Council Member & Executive Bureau Member

United Cities and Local Government (UCLG) is the only international organization recognized by the United Nations that is composed of cities and local governments, and is one of the important international organizations that Taipei City Government has joined. Taipei City is currently a council member and executive bureau member of UCLG ASPAC (United Cities and Local Government Asia-Pacific Region).
Each year, UCLG ASPAC holds council and executive bureau meetings, and a general meeting to re-elect the president, council members, and executive bureau members every two years. To participate in international affairs and safeguard our position and rights, as well as promoting city diplomacy and achieving substantive results in exchanges with other international cities, Taipei City has made an effort to attend all UCLG ASPAC meetings.
From 4 to 9 September 2016, Ching-yu Yao, Advisory Officer to the Mayor on International Affairs, Mainland Affairs and Gender Equality, attended the 6th UCLG ASPAC Congress 2016 Jeollabuk-do on behalf of the Taipei City Government. The 6th UCLG ASPAC Congress focused on the theme “Regions, Life, and Culture in the New Urban Agenda”. Numerous experts from industry, government and academia in Asia-Pacific cities delivered speeches on how to create a better living environment.
UCLG ASPAC held an executive bureau meeting, a members meeting and a council member meeting on 8 September 8 to elect executive bureau members, council members and the president. Taipei City was successfully re-elected as council member and executive bureau member of UCLG ASPAC. It is expected that this will enhance Taipei City’s international position and visibility. Won Hee-Ryong, Governor of Jeju Special Self-Governing Province, was re-elected as President of UCLG-ASPAC for the 2016–2018 term.