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The delegation of Germany acclaimed Taipei Urban Intelligence Center

German Institute Taipei visits Taipei Urban Intelligence Center
Director General Dr. Jörg Polster of the German Institute Taipei and two fellow members visited Taipei Urban Intelligence Center on January 19, 2022. The commissioner of the Department of Civil Servant Development and Mayor’s Office for External Affairs, Tom Tai-chu Chou, welcomed the delegates together with representatives of Taipei City Hospital, the Fire Department, the Police Department, the Department of Information Technology, and the Secretariat. 

Commissioner Chou stated that smart technology and big data are crucial for the Taipei City government to develop a smart city. Taipei City has received numerous international smart city awards for its highly skilled professionals, strong information and communications industry, and solid infrastructure. For example, Taipei City’s pandemic prevention panel and data analysis system won first prize in the Creative Electronic Health Solutions category at the 2021 World Congress on Information Technology. In addition, Taipei City ranked fourth in the International Institute for Management Development’s Smart City Index 2021. 

The representatives described how Taipei Urban Intelligence Center and their respective governmental departments apply big data to pandemic prevention, disaster prevention, and smart transportation. Dr. Polster extended his gratitude to the Taipei City government and praised Taipei Urban Intelligence Center’s achievements. He described some of Germany’s achievements in related fields that can lead to further collaboration between German cities and Taipei City.

Dr. Polster also offered his opinions regarding smart transportation law enforcement, collaboration between central and local governments, and vaccine passports for foreigners. Dr. Polster looks forward to cooperation between the Taipei City government and German Institute Taipei.