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Deputy Secretary-General Attends Taipei Day Event in Wellington, New Zealand

The Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in New Zealand’s capital city Wellington co-hosted a series of Taipei Day activities in the southern hemisphere’s late winter. At the invitation of Wellington Mayor Celia Wade Brown, Deputy Secretary-General Lin Wan-fa (Taipei City Government) and Commissioner Hsieh Pei-ni (Department of Cultural Affairs) visited Wellington from 17 to 19 August. Both have expressed their appreciation, on behalf of Taipei City, for Wellington’s strong partnership.
Taipei Day included three major events: Taiwan Movie Screening (Aug. 18), Taipei Photography Exhibition (Aug. 18–31) and Taipei Food Festival (Aug. 19–21). A documentary titled Dream Ocean was shown at the Taiwan Movie Screening. It tells the story of how Professor Su Tar-zen from National Taiwan Ocean University and 16 young people made canoes and rowed them to Japan’s Yonaguni-jima Island. The story resonated with many New Zealanders, and there was a full house. In the audience were Wellington Mayor Celia Wade Brown, representatives from the New Zealand film Commission, representatives from the Japanese Embassy in New Zealand, artists, Wellington citizens and students, and overseas Taiwanese. Feedback to the movie was very positive, with members of the audience saying they were very touched and thanking the organizers for choosing this documentary.
Held at Wellington’s City Library Hall, the Taipei Photography Exhibition displayed 50 photos taken in Taipei which show Taipei culture and unique tourist spots. The photos gave Wellington residents the chance to learn more about Taipei City.
The finale of Taipei Day was the Taipei Food Festival, which began with a lion dance performed by a group of teenagers. The food was prepared by chefs from the Westin Taipei who volunteered their time. The chefs used local ingredients to prepare the most authentic Taiwanese food, including beef noodles, fried rice noodles, pan fried turnip cakes, Danzai noodles, stewed lamb ribs with Chinese herbs, deep fried oysters, braised pork belly, three-cup chicken, savoury crispy chicken, sago in coconut milk, and Taiwanese pudding. The delicious food received a great response from New Zealanders and brought a taste of home to those who emigrated from Taiwan to New Zealand many years ago.
VIP guests at the Taipei Food Festival included Mayor Brown and her husband; Wu Chien-kuo, representative from Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in New Zealand; Ian McKelvie, member of the New Zealand House of Representatives, and his wife; Tupe Soloman-Tanoa'I, deputy representative from the New Zealand Commerce and Industry Office; Wellington City Councilor Simon Marsh and his wife; and Wellington residents. The grand party at the beginning celebrated the Taipei Food Festival. Deputy Secretary-General Lin Wan-fa enjoyed his time talking to counterparts and building friendships.
In February 2015, when visiting Taipei to attend an international book exhibition, Mayor Brown signed an MOU with Mayor Ko on cooperation and exchange between the two partner cities. This led to Wellington and Taipei City starting with a series of friendly exchange activities, including Taipei Day.
A delegation from Taipei led by Deputy Director General Lin attended Taipei Day and paid a visit to Arthur Anae, Chair of Auckland’s Economic Development Committee. Deputy Director General Lin and the DOCA Commissioner also visited the New Zealand Film Committee, Auckland Museum, and Wellington Art Center for talks on future cooperation and exchange between Taipei City and Wellington. The delegation also visited two companies, Park Road and Weta, which participated in the production of The Lord of the Rings, in the hope of making links between movie industry professionals on both sides and seeking opportunities for future cooperation. The delegation also promoted the key events of the 2017 Summer Universiade and World Design Capital 2016, the latter taking place this October. The people of New Zealand were invited to come to Taipei for the events.