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Inauguration Ceremony and Handover of the Mayor’s Seal: Wan-An Chiang and His Team Officially Take Office

Inauguration Ceremony and Handover of the Mayor’s Seal

The inauguration ceremony for the 8th Mayor of Taipei was held on December 25. Mayor Wan-An Chiang and his predecessor Wen-Je Ko participated in the event that was also attended by Vice Premier of Ministry of Executive Yuan, Jong-Chin Shen , and former Mayors Ying-Jeou Ma and Ta-Chou Huang. Ambassadors and Representatives from different nations were also invited to the ceremony. After Mayor Chiang took the oath of office, Ko handed over the mayor’s seal, and the city government was officially passed on to Chiang and his team. 

Former Mayor Ko mentioned that the handover procedures had already begun before the ceremony and anticipated that Mayor Chiang and his team could lead Taipei City toward becoming a remarkable city providing a high quality of life. 

Mayor Chiang delivered his speech, first thanking the citizens of Taipei for entrusting him with the position of mayor for the next 4 years, and for allowing him to serve them and contribute to the prosperous development of his hometown. 

Mayor Chiang closed his speech by stating that his team would work closely to create infinite possibilities for the city. They will continue to collaborate with foreign friends in Taiwan and increase the city’s presence on the world stage. Mayor Chiang and his team hope to create a glorious Taipei together with its citizens.