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Strengthen the Partnership between Taipei and Wellington

The Taipei City Government is pleased to announce the forging of a partnership with Wellington, New Zealand, following a most welcome visit in February from a delegation led by that city’s mayor, Celia Wade-Brown. Taipei looks forward to advancing bilateral exchanges in culture, education, and tourism following the signing of a February 12, 2015 MOU between the two cities during that visit.
As Mayor Wade-Brown pointed out at the time, Wellington has a lot to offer in part in respect to its film industry, which has grown rapidly in recent years, invigorating local cultural and creative industries and attracting skilled professionals. She said that New Zealand and Taiwan share geological similarities as earthquake-prone islands and pointed to Wellington’s placing of blue lines on roads to indicate tsunami safe zones. Culturally, she said, the two countries have seen more and more exchanges among their respective indigenous peoples as cultural interaction between New Zealand’s Maori people and Taiwan’s aboriginal population has been on the rise.
Taipei Mayor Wen-je Ko said the signing of the MOU is only the beginning of friendly ties between the two respective capital cities, calling for broad and concrete developments from their friendship in the future. Wade-Brown said that in addition to promoting mutual understanding, exchanges in the arts, trade, and tourism will be focal points, particularly in the food and technology sectors