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Ambassador Candice Pitts Represents Belmopan in Gifting a Key to the City to Mayor Ko

Picture:Ambassador Candice Pitts Represents Belmopan in Gifting a Key to the City to Mayor Ko

On April 7, 2022, Ambassador Candice Pitts of Belize represented its capital city Belmopan in gifting Mayor Ko Wen-Je of Taipei City with the key to Belmopan. Taipei City and Belmopan became sister cities in 2019. In March 2022, newly appointed mayor Sheran Palacio of Belmopan was invited to the Smart City and Mayor’s Summit in Taipei City. However, the event ended swiftly because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the two mayors could not meet in person because of pandemic prevention regulations.
Mayor Palacio brought the key to Belmopan in this trip and arranged for Ambassador Pitts to transfer the key to Mayor Ko, whom she was unable to gift in person. Since they became sister cities, Taipei City and Belmopan have exchanged on cultural, trade, environmental, and tourism affairs. Taipei City has also gifted fire trucks, ambulances, and garbage trucks to Belmopan. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Taipei City actively provided the English versions of its pandemic prevention platform information and SOP to Belmopan.
Taiwan and Belize have been in diplomatic relations for over 30 years, and Taipei City and Belmopan are their first sister cities, marking a milestone in deepening the Taiwan–Belize diplomatic relations. Belmopan is the fourth sister city to Taipei City under Mayor Ko’s administration.