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Taipei Welcomes Visit by Tegucigalpa Mayor Nasry Asfura from Honduras

Taipei was honored to welcome Nasry Asfura, the mayor of sister city and capital of Honduras, Tegucigalpa, and wife on their first visit to Taiwan on April 27 through May 1, 2015. During their visit at the invitation of Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. and Mrs. Asfura and six city representatives were set to meet with Taipei Mayor Wen-je Ko on April 27 and attended a banquet arranged by Deputy Mayor Li-fang Chou.
The trip aimed to boost ties between the two countries’ respective capitals, including the renewal of the memorandum of understanding on city friendship and cooperation understanding between them. Asfura and his delegation were also set to be briefed on policy in Taipei and the latest on Taiwan’s economic, political, and developmental situation. In the capital, they were scheduled to make stops at the city’s Departments of Economic Development, Social Welfare, Education, Environmental Protection, and Transportation. They also visited Taipei Metro’s control center and took a ride on the celebrated metro system, in addition to visiting the Beitou Incinerator and taking interviews from Taipei Broadcasting Station and Taipei Pictorial. Deputy Foreign Minister Shen-Yeaw Ko hosted a luncheon banquet in their honor.
Mayor Asfura is a member of the National Party of Honduras. Before becoming mayor of the capital city, he served in the National Congress, as minister of the Honduran Social Investment Fund (FHIS), and as a city councilor in Tegucigalpa. His reputation as an approachable, grassroots politician helped him sweep into the mayor’s office in the November 2013 election, since which time he has pursued infrastructure projects, efficient governance, and a serious approach to public affairs, cementing his place as a people’s champion.
Honduras is one of the Republic of China (Taiwan)’s diplomatic allies in Central America. Taipei and Tegucigalpa have been sister cities since May 24, 1974.