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Commissioner Lin Qiu-Shan of the Taipei City Government International Committee attends 2nd UCLG Culture Summit

Commissioner Lin Qiu-Shan represented the City Government at the 2nd UCLG Culture Summit, held in Jeju Province, South Korea,from9 to 14May 2017. Commissioner Lin was invited to speak to the UCLG ASPAC Culture Commission about the TCG project to promote cultural policy and also took the opportunity to promote Taipei.
In addition to attending the conference, Commissioner Lin also visited Governor Won Hee-Ryong and Deputy Governor Jun Sung-Tae in the hope of deepening exchanges and collaboration. Later, with International Relations Ambassador Han Gwang-Sup, Head of the Institute for Talent Development Kim Ik-Ho and others, he visited Governor Nam Kyung-Pil of Gyeonggi Province.
Aside from extending Mayor Ko’s invitations for the opening of the Universiade, he also shared some thoughts on civil servant training programs in Taiwan and South Korea. On 13 May, Commissioner Lin met with legislator Roh Woong-Rae, the head of the Education, Culture and Sports Committee. The meeting was arranged by former legislator Li Xiang-Yu (now head of the Korea–Taiwan Exchange Association). Lin and Roh shared thoughts on the general election in South Korea and future relations between our two countries. Commissioner Lin also invited Roh to visit Taiwan. Mr. Roh said it would be a pleasure to visit Taiwan and that he would definitely come if the opportunity arises.