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Ambassador Chou Visited the Embassy of Republic of Nicaragua

Amb. Chou Visited the Embassy of the Republic of Nicaragua Amb. Mirna Mariela Rivera Andino Helped Amb. Chou put on the Flag pin
At 11:00 on January 7, 2021, the External Affairs team of the Taipei City Government led by Ambassador Tom Chou visited the Embassy of the Republic of Nicaragua to exchange opinions with Ambassador Mirna Mariela Rivera Andino and her key supervisors for education, environmental protection, smart cities, and COVID-19 pandemic prevention.
Regarding education, Amb. Andino expressed her appreciation for the CooC Cloud online teaching system promoted by the Taipei City Government. Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, many schools in Nicaragua are currently closed. Many students thus lost their opportunity to learn. However, the CooC Cloud, a teaching system that does not require face-to-face contact, could be the solution to this problem. Amb. Andino hopes that the Taipei City Government could help introduce this high-quality online teaching system to Nicaragua.
As for smart cities, Amb. Andino commented that, when she was studying in Taipei City, she considered Taipei to be 50 years ahead of Nicaragua in various aspects. Moreover, when she attended the 2019 Smart City Expo in Taipei City, she found that Taipei City was 100 years ahead of Nicaragua in terms of technological advancement. Amb. Andino expressed her gratitude to the Taiwanese government for providing numerous scholarships to Nicaraguan students, which allow them to showcase their skills in various fields after returning home and to promote progress in Nicaragua. Amb. Andino was also one of the students who had benefited from these scholarships. Hence, she expects the Taiwanese government to increase the quota of students eligible for receiving a scholarship in the future.
Amb. Andino showed great interest in the real-name registration system promoted by the Taipei City Government. She hopes to introduce it to Nicaragua as well.
Amb. Chou said that he will coordinate with the relevant departments of the Taipei City Government to host a working conference with the Embassy of Nicaragua after the meeting to solve the problems mentioned by Amb. Andino.
To show her gratitude, Amb. Andino gifted Amb. Chou with coffee during the meeting; moreover, she gave Amb. Chou a small badge of the flags of Taiwan and Nicaragua and personally attached it to his suit.
Amb. Andino studied in Ming-Chuan University on a scholarship for Nicaraguan students. She worked as an agent for the Embassy of Nicaragua after graduation and was promoted to ambassador 2 years later. She is now the youngest ambassador in Taipei City.
The discussion between Amb. Andino and the team led by Amb. Chou was published by the Nicaraguan media on January 7, 2021. (See the link below)
The meeting between the Taipei City Government team and the Embassy of Nicaragua in Taiwan reported by the Nicaraguan media