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Taipei stands with Ukraine: Taipei and Kyiv sign MOU on City-to-City Cooperation

 Taipei stands with Ukraine: Taipei and Kyiv sign MOU on City-to-City Cooperation

Deputy Mayor Volodymyr Bondarenko of Kyiv, Ukraine, along with Valentyn Mondryivskyi and Grygorii Malenko, counselors of Kyiv City Council, and Ganna Bilokin, Head of international cooperation unit of international relation department of Kyiv City State Administration visited Deputy Mayor  Shu-Chuan Lee of Taipei and signed a Memorandum of Understanding to enhance cooperation between Taipei and Kyiv, with the aim of promoting future exchanges and cooperation between two cities in the areas of energy efficiency, sustainable urban planning and construction, sustainable transport system, education, culture, child and youth services, open governance, and digital technology. Taipei and Kyiv hope to engage in city exchanges, provide mutual assistance, and enhance the substantive relationship between the two cities.

“Best friends meet in the darkest of times,” said Deputy Mayor Bondarenko in his speech. Although Kyiv and Taipei are geographically far apart, they both prioritize liberty, equality, and persistence in survival. Unfortunately, Ukraine is still fighting a war started by Russia, and Deputy Mayor Bondarenko expressed his wish that the tragic events affecting Ukrainians do not occur elsewhere. Although it is prioritizing the safety of its citizens, the Kyiv City Council strives to maintain its municipal administration by connecting with other cities worldwide and strengthening its cooperation with Taipei. Deputy Mayor Bondarenko also invited Taipei City Government to visit Kyiv, a historical, eco-friendly city that continues to function despite the war.

Deputy Mayor Lee agreed with the remark by Deputy Mayor Bondarenko that Ukraine’s victory represents a victory for world civilization and expressed his hope for the war to end and for Kyiv to be rebuilt. Deputy Mayor Lee also looked forward to strengthening the exchanges and cooperation between Kyiv and Taipei in the areas of technology, education, and culture.

On the invitation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the delegation led by Deputy Mayor Bondarenko attended the 2023 Smart City Summit & Expo and Net Zero City Forum. In addition to attending the opening ceremony and seminar, they visited various enterprises and cultural and economic construction project sites to establish contacts with relevant government agencies and private enterprises in Taiwan and to explore future opportunities for cooperation.

Shocked by Russia’s sudden aggression against Ukraine, which began on February 24, 2022, numerous countries have supported Ukraine through substantive actions. Taipei City Government stressed its belief that freedom and peace are inalienable universal values shared by the world. On March 3, 2022, Taipei City Government held the “Support Ukraine” event at the Taipei City Hall in response to the international support for Ukraine’s commitment to democratic values; during the event, the flag of Ukraine was flown. Taipei City Government also erected a “Wall of Democracy” at the event venue, where attendees could leave messages to express their support for the Ukrainian people. Additionally, Taipei City Government donated 300,000 euros to its sister city Warsaw, Poland, in April 2022 to assist the city in providing humanitarian assistance to Ukrainian refugees.