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Mayor Ko Promotes Taipei Universiade at Year-End Thank You Party

Mayor Ko’s Year-End Thank You Party took place on 14 December. Guests included foreign representatives and officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Business Associations. In total, over a hundred distinguished guests from more than 40 countries and regions attended.
The party kicked off with a few words by You Shi-Ming, deputy director of the Taipei Summer Universiade Organizing Committee, on the 2017 Taipei Universiade. This was followed by an explanation by the Department of Civil Affairs on matters such as the reception and cheerleading groups.
Ambassadors and representatives were warmly greeted by Mayor Ko, who in his welcome speech expressed his gratitude for their continuing support over the past year.
Mayor Ko said that the Universiade, which will take place next August, will be the year’s main event, and, with everyone’s help, can be the best one ever held. As he will be going on official visits in Southeast Asia and Europe in the coming year, the mayor also expressed his hope for the assistance of ambassadors and representatives present.
Musical entertainment was supplied by the King Brass Quintet, whose quintessentially Taiwanese tunes charmed the guests with the beauty of Taiwanese music while they mingled.