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Chen Chin-jun, the Deputy Mayor of Taipei City, welcomed the visiting group led by Shinichiro Umeoka, the Deputy Mayor of Matsuyama, Japan

Shinichiro Umeoka, the Deputy Mayor of Matsuyama, Ehime Prefecture, Japan, which is a friendly exchange city of Taipei City, led a visiting group to pay an official call to the Deputy Mayor of Taipei City Chen Chin-jun on October 4. In the meeting, the two parties exchanged opinions on the collaboration in tourism, sports, and cultural affairs.

Chen welcomed the visit of Shinichiro and his colleagues and expressed appreciation for Matsuyama’s active participation in the international activities held by Taipei City such as the Hot Spring Season of Taipei in Beitou and the 2017 Summer Universiade as well as the Matsuyama government’s effort on promoting exchanges between the private sectors of the two cities. Chen said that Matsuyama preserves Dogo-onsen Hot Spring that has three thousand years of history, demonstrating its excellent cultural preservation technique. Matsuyama’s commitment to cultural asset conservation is worth learning, and Taipei City is looking forward to exchanging related experience and thoughts with Matsuyama. 

Shinichiro said that Taipei and Matsuyama have engaged in frequent exchanges; he hoped that the two cities can continue this friendship and create a bright future together. The 2020 Summer Olympics will be held in Tokyo. Shinichiro added that Matsuyama has comprehensive sports facilities; athletes from Taipei are welcomed to use the facilities in Matsuyama for training. He anticipated further exchanges between the two cities in other fields apart from cultural and sports affairs.