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Mayor Ko Attends the European Chamber of Commerce Taiwan Annual Luncheon

Mayor Ko Attends the European Chamber of Commerce Taiwan Annual Luncheon
Mayor Ko Wen-Je attended the annual luncheon that was hosted by the European Chamber of Commerce Taiwan (ECCT) on June 22, 2020. The ECCT luncheon was originally scheduled to be held in March every year; however, it was postponed to June this year due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. A total of 20 officials from the Taipei City Government attended the luncheon and exchanged opinions with members of the ECCT.
During the luncheon, Freddie Höglund, CEO of the ECCT, and Dr. Lin Chung-Chieh, Commissioner of the Department of Economic Development, Taipei City Government, signed a memorandum of understanding that was witnessed by Mayor Ko and Giuseppe Izzo, President of the ECCT. The main objective of this memorandum is to promote bilateral investment between Europe and Taiwan, lower the threshold for investment in Taipei, and simplify the business processes of both parties. The Invest Taipei Office of the Taipei City Government shall serve as a communication bridge between Taipei City and the ECCT and assist in referrals and follow-up services for investment companies from both parties.  
Mayor Ko gave a live question and answer session to members of the ECCT after his speech at the luncheon, during which a question was raised on whether foreigners living in Taipei City and paying taxes will be given the same rights as those of local citizens to retain international talent. Mayor Ko answered that the Taipei City Government will introduce a digital TaipeiPass that can be integrated into mobile phones, which was inspired from his visit to Estonia, and that the rights and benefits of foreigners living in Taipei City may be included in this in the future. This explanation was received warmly by the participants. When asked about the legacy he intends to leave after his tenure ends, Ko answered that universal values such as democracy and freedom, diversity and openness, the rule of law and human rights, care for the disadvantaged, and sustainable management are all goals that should be implemented.
Given the numerous questions and opinions that were raised by the members of the ECCT, Mayor Ko welcomed them to submit them to the Taipei City government for its departments for further discussion to enhance the city’s investment environment and promote more opportunities for collaboration between the two parties in the future.