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Ambassador Kattil of the Marshall Islands Meets with Taipei Mayor Wan-An Chiang to Discuss Strengthening Bilateral Relations and Urban Exchanges


Ambassador Anjanette Kattil of the Republic of Marshall Islands, accompanied by Deputy Chief of Mission Anjanette Anjel, visited Taipei City Government on March 11, 2024, to meet Taipei Mayor Wan-An Chiang and the city government team. Ambassador Kattil assumed office in August 2023, and this visit marks the first meeting between both parties. They exchanged views on topics such as climate change and cultural promotion. Mayor Chiang also invited the ambassador to participate in the events held during August 1 Indigenous Peoples Week and to attend the 2025 World Masters Games. 


Mayor Chiang first warmly welcomed the ambassador and acknowledged Ambassador Kattil’s previous roles as the Deputy Chief of Mission at the Marshallese Embassy from 2016 to 2019 and as the Assistant Secretary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of the Marchall Islands from 2019 to 2023. Ambassador Kattil’s extensive experience indicates her familiarity with Taiwan and international diplomatic affairs. Mayor Chiang took the opportunity to express sincere gratitude for the steadfast support of the Marshallese government with respect to Taiwan’s participation in the United Nations, the World Health Organization, and the International Civil Aviation Organization. 


With regard to urban exchanges, Mayor Chiang noted the enduring sister city relationship between Taipei City and Majuro City, the capital of the Marshall Islands. Former mayors of Majuro City have led delegations to Taipei several times to participate in events such as the opening ceremonies of the Deaflympics, the Universiade, and the Taiwan Lantern Festival. The two cities have maintained frequent interactions and value their friendship deeply. Mayor Chiang also highlighted that Taipei City places great importance on indigenous rights and cultural promotion. After taking office, he specifically expanded the celebration of August 1 Indigenous Peoples Day into the Indigenous Peoples Week and organized a series of activities to mark the occasion. He also invited Ambassador Kattil to participate in this year’s festivities to share Marshallese culture and foster deeper cooperation and exchanges. Additionally, he hoped that Ambassador Kattil would assist in promoting and encouraging her Marshallese friends to participate in the 2025 World Masters Games, which will be jointly hosted by Taipei and New Taipei City in May of the following year.


Ambassador Kattil stated that this is her second assignment in Taiwan. During her previous term, she resided in Taiwan for four years, considering it as her second home. She hopes to deepen the understanding of the Marshall Islands among the Taiwanese government and people in the years ahead. Taiwan and the Marshall Islands have maintained diplomatic relations for 26 years, which makes Taiwan a key partner of the Marshall Islands. The two countries share common values and similar cultural backgrounds rooted in the Austronesian language family. The Marshall Islands will continue to support Taiwan’s participation in international affairs in the future. Furthermore, the sister city relationship between Taipei City and Majuro City has flourished for 25 years. Currently, 50 Marshallese students are studying at universities in Taiwan, and the Marshall Islands will actively support their participation in activities to enhance exchanges.


Ambassador Kattil also highlighted that the Marshall Islands are facing various major challenges due to climate change and require expertise in areas such as water collection and desalination for drinking water. She expressed hope for future opportunities to deepen their cooperation in the future. Mayor Chiang responded by stating that Taipei City had donated garbage trucks to assist Majuro City in improving its public health and sanitation. Addressing climate change is also one of Taipei City’s most urgent priorities. In the face of the common challenges posed by climate change, Mayor Chiang hopes that both sides can exchange resources and experiences, further strengthening the friendly relationships between the two countries and cities.