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Taipei City Government Signs MOU of Collaboration with Gyeonggi Province: a new step for Taiwan–Korea civil servant exchange

Starting from this year, Taipei is set to hold bipartisan exchanges with Korea’s Gyeonggi Province, where civil servants from each side observe the partner city’s municipal administration, and then share their observations. This initiative will set a new standard for international collaboration between our two countries, enabling us to learn about city management from each other and foster friendship.
Kim Bok Ho, director of Gyeonggi Provincial Human Resource Development Institute, and Qu Zhao-Xoang, director of the Taipei Department of Civil Servant Development, signed the Civil Servants Exchange and Training MOU in the presence of Mayor Ko Wen-je on 26 September. The first exchange group will be from Taipei City Government.
Gyeonggi Provincial Human Resource Development Institute has abundant experience in this type of exchange, along with a full teaching staff and equipment. Since 2001, the institute has taken part in exchange training programmes with groups from China, Afghanistan, Iraq, Cambodia and Peru. Gyeonggi Province’s main industries are biotech and information technology as in Taipei. In recent years, Gyeonggi has strived to promote industries such as technology, design, conferencing and travel, making it a valuable source of information for Taipei civil servants.
Taipei has been friendly with partner city Gyeonggi Province since they signed a friendship MOU in June 2000. And in 2015, Ex-Deputy Governor Soo-Young Park called on Ex-Deputy Mayor Zhou Li-Fang in the hope of finding ways to engage in more substantive collaboration and exchange. The civil servant exchange programme is one of the results.

After the signing of the Civil Servants Exchange and Training MOU, Taipei City Government will send 15 civil servants to the Gyeonggi Provincial Human Resource Development Institute for a two-week training programme in late 2017. Next year, Gyeonggi Province will send trainees to Taipei’s Department of Civil Servant Development. The exchange will continue to alternate in this way.