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Embassy of Belize will co-host cultural activities with Taipei City this September to celebrate the country’s Independence Day

A Team from Taipei City Government Visited the Embassy of Belize
On April 15 at 3:00 p.m., Tom Chou, the Commissioner of the Mayor’s Office for External Affairs, visited the Embassy of Belize with a team of six. The purpose of the visit was to meet with Ambassador Dr. Candice Augusta Pitts, who expressed great interest in establishing cooperation in pandemic control as well as educational and cultural affairs.

Belize has a land area of 22,966 km2, which is approximately two thirds the size of Taiwan. Among its population of 400,000, more than 10,000 have been infected with COVID-19, which has been detrimental to its economy. Ambassador Pitts expressed her admiration for Taipei City’s extraordinary achievement in pandemic control, and requested Taipei City to share its practical experience with Belize, particularly in the use of mobile applications for monitoring COVID-19 patients to reduce the impact of the pandemic. In addition, she also acknowledged the critical importance of wearing surgical masks, to which residents of Taipei have demonstrated a high level of compliance.

Because Belize is an English-speaking country with high-quality teachers, Ambassador Pitts expressed her wishes to help Taipei City in the implementation of bilingual education. In terms of cultural cooperation, Ambassador Pitts expressed that the embassy celebrates the Independence Day of Belize in September each year to unite the people over the country, and that this year, they wish to hold joint celebrations with Taipei City in the form of large-scale cultural exhibitions and performances so that more people will learn about the culture and goodwill of Belize.
Commissioner Chou thanked Ambassador Pitts for the offer regarding assisting in bilingual education and hosting cultural activities. In terms of pandemic control, other than promising that Taipei City will keep the Embassy of Belize updated on relevant information, Commissioner Chou also suggested that the mayors of the capital cities of both countries should liaise through video conferencing, which is an effective approach for sharing information on critical pandemic prevention policies and practices in real time. The meeting lasted for one hour and was concluded in a cordial atmosphere.