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Special Affairs Division


This division is responsible for:

•Special assignments of the Secretariat of the Taipei City Government

•Compiling meeting minutes and conference scheduling

•Facilitating communication between the Taipei City Council and Taipei City Government

•Publishing the Taipei City Government Gazette

•Drafting mayoral correspondence

•Editing the Mayor's administrative reports for the City Council

•Compiling responses for the Mayor to the City Council’s inquiries

•Holding weekly Taipei City Executive Meetings and formulating administrative plans, budgets, regulations and laws

•Organizing conferences for the Chief Secretaries

•Handling citizens' complaints and addressing their grievances

•Collecting statistics and information for city councilors

•Collecting information and public opinion surveys for the city’s reference

•Publishing the Taipei Yearbook

Contact Information:

Tel: 886-2-27208889

886-2-27208889, 1999 Citizen Hotline Ext: 6121, 6127, 6131

Fax: 886-2-27208666