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Secretariat, including City Hall Management Office

Secretariat, including City Hall Management Office

Organization and Duties:

Administration Division

•Receiving and dispatching official correspondences, processing electronic documents, and overseeing the use of official seals

•Purchasing and accountancy

•Document timing/flow control

•Research and development

•File/document management

•Environment and landscape mantenance

General Affairs Division

•Environment and facade maintenance of City Hall

•Rental management of Citizen’s Square and lobby

•Supervising the operation of cafeterias

•Management and maintenance of official assets

•Maintenance of the telephone exchange system

•Public announcement management

Mechanical and Electronic Operation Group

•Monitoring and maintenance of mechanical and electronic facilities

•Monitoring and maintenance of utilities, elevators, air conditioning and piping systems

•Maintenance of high-voltage UPS (uninterruptible power supply) for the air conditioning system

•Maintenance of broadcasting system and electronic bulletin

•Maintenance of fire safety facilities


•Access control during office hours and non-office hours

•Supervising and managing of the Building Security Guards

•Arranging regular safety and security courses and training programs for all employees

•Formulating fire control plans for City Hall

•Parking management

Personnel Officer

This position is in charge of personnel management

Accounting Officer



•Budgetary control

• Evaluating budget execution effectiveness