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International Affairs Division


This division is responsible for protocol and international affairs such as:

•Setting up receptions and scheduling visits for foreign guests and delegates

•Helping delegates get better acquainted with international and public relations of the city and the country

•Liaising with global industry and business leaders while increasing intercity exchanges to promote the city and the country

•Participating in international activities and organizations to heighten Taipei’s international profile and making meaningful contributions in the international community

•Assisting foreign institutions and embassies in Taipei by inviting them to participate in local festivals and activities; visiting the sites of Taipei’s city-sponsored development projects and raising awareness of Taipei's sister-city activities

•Promoting political, economic, cultural and social interactions and exchanges between Taipei and its sister cities

•Formulating sisterhood or partnership agreements with friendly cities

Contact Information:


886-2-27208889, 1999 Citizen Hotline Ext. 6107-6115, 1020-1021

Fax: 886-2-27598992