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Giant Water Lilies Exhibition Extended to September 30

Giant Water Lilies Exhibition Extended to September 30

Parks and Street Lights Office (PSLO) announced that winners of the photography competition for the well-received “2017 Giant Water Lilies Exhibition” have been selected.

The winning photographs can be found at (Chinese)

According to PSLO, the exhibition at Shuangxi Park has attracted over 50,000 visitors since its opening. In light of the popularity of the giant Victoria water lilies, the agency decided to extend the exhibition to September 30. The public who miss out on the last opportunity to appreciate the beauty of the giant water lilies will have to wait until next year!

PSLO pointed out that the judge panel has had a hard time determining winners from the submitted works – depicting giant water lilies set against the backdrop of a traditional Chinese garden – as most of the photographs are as stunning as they are highly professional.

“Beauty of Serenity,” which shows how the blue sky at sunset adds to the splendor of the water lilies, grabbed the top prize. The second prize went to “Colorful Clouds,” which illustrates the kaleidoscopic transformation of clouds over Shuangxi Park right before typhoon Nesat hit Taiwan. “Guests in the Water,” portraying schools of fish swimming near the water surface of the floating leaves of water lilies, took the third prize.

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