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France Seeks Business Opportunities in and Wishes to Establish Economic and Trade Investment Relations with Taipei City

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Taipei City’s outstanding achievements in fields such as information and communications technology, biotechnology, and “meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions” have garnered the attention of international businesses. Subsequently, French organizations such as the French Office in Taipei and Chamber of Commerce France Taiwan have proposed having a meeting with the Taipei City Government. Thus, on Sept. 23, 2021, Jean-François Casabonne-Masonnav (director of the French Office in Taipei), Christophe Marion and Stéphane Peden (chairperson and general manager of the Chamber of Commerce France Taiwan), and over 10 representatives from major French businesses held a video conference with the Taipei City Government. The goals were for these French organizations to seek business opportunities in Taipei City and gain insight into its investment environment.
Taipei City major Ko, Wen-je, together with Tom Chou (Commissioner of the Department of Civil Servant Development and Commissioner of Mayor’s Office for External Affairs, Taipei City Government), Lin Chung-chieh (Commissioner of the Department of Economic Development, Taipei City Government), and representatives from relevant departments, attended the meeting. Mayor Ko personally presented to the guests Taipei City’s attractive investment environment, industry digital transformations, and sustainable development goals such as achieving net zero emissions by 2050.
Mayor Ko’s presentation received overwhelming responses from the French guests, who asked many questions regarding exhibitions, “smart water, electricity, and gas meters,” digital transformation infrastructure, industry counseling, and investment services. Mayor Ko and members such as Commissioner Lin answered the questions one by one. Additionally, Mayor Ko indicated that it is impossible for the Taipei City Government to have the perfect solution for every problem. Thus, it is willing to create a platform for communication for related businesses to propose better ideas. The Taipei City Government will take such ideas into consideration if they are indeed feasible. The video conference lasted an hour and a half and ended in a relaxed and joyous atmosphere.