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Mayor Arrives in Istanbul, Discusses Construction of New Mosque

Mayor Arrives in Istanbul, Discusses Construction of New MosqueMayor Ko Wen-je arrived in Istanbul Airport at 10 PM on February 3. Turkey is the last stop of the Taipei delegation’s trip to Europe. 
After attending a dinner event with two legislators and staff members of the Justice and Development Party, City Government Spokesperson Liu Yi-ting noted that the mayor expressed his gratitude for Turkey’s hospitality. He attributed the friendly disposition to Taipei’s positive attitude towards Muslims and the long-term effort of Taiwan Representative Office in supporting the establishment of volunteer clinics and school computer labs.
Liu noted that the legislators expressed their wish to build a new mosque in Taipei to serve Muslims in Taiwan. Ko replied that Taipei is a friendly city for Muslim friends and that he will bring the message back to Taipei for further discussions.
On the second day of his stay in Turkey, the mayor visited the construction site of a bridge connecting the continents of Europe and Asia. The delegation also toured local landmarks including the Sultan Ahmed Mosque and the Hagia Sophia Museum.
In response to media questions regarding the possible construction of a new mosque in Taipei, Ko explained that the matter has not been finalized, but the two sides agreed to set up contact windows. Matters such as the size of the facility and the recipient of the donation have yet to be decided.