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TWD: Water Supply to Return to Normal by Night of June 23

A major pipe line under Taipei Water Department (TWD) was accidentally damaged by construction work for a project under New Taipei City Government’s Department of Land Administration on June 21.

To prevent massive water stoppage and minimize the scope of affected areas, TWD immediately adjusted water supply arrangement, using backup system to ensure continued tap water supply to residents through other pipelines.

According to TWD, the damaged water pipeline is responsible for delivering water to over 70-percent of the households in greater Taipei Area. The temporary switch within the water supply network resulted in murky water being reported at some of the affected households.

Currently, residents in Zhonghe District, Yonghe District, Sanchong District, Songshan District, Shilin District, and Beitou District have reported murky tap water. TWD is currently working on repairs, expected to be completed by 10 PM on June 23.

For any questions on water supply, please call the 24-hour customer hotline of TWD (02-8733-5678) or visit the Chinese website of the agency (www.water.gov.taipei).