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Submission for 2016 Outstanding Migrant Worker, Employer Now Accepted

Migrant workers play important roles in many fields, from traditional industries to homecare services. However, these foreign nationals often encounter challenges with adjustments in areas such as language, living habits, culture, religion, and work.
To encourage the establishment of positive labor-employer relationship, the Foreign and Disabled Labor Office (FDLO) will be accepting submissions for the 2016 Outstanding Migrant Worker and Employer from today until September 10.
The winners of the award will receive a trophy and cash prize of NT$3,500. The honors will be presented during a public ceremony.
FDLO Director Chen Hui-chi pointed out that that award is aimed at encouraging local employers to treat their foreign workers kindly, thereby strengthening labor relationship.
Requirements for candidates are as follows: Migrant workers who have arrived in Taiwan before January 1, 2016. He or she must be working legally in Taipei City and without any records on violating the law, as well as outstanding achievements. Application submitted by the employer, human resource agencies, organizations, or friends on recommendation basis is also accepted. Application for outstanding employers can be submitted by human resource agencies, industry association, migrant works, organizations, or representative offices in Taiwan.
For more details on application and the award, please visit the Chinese website of FDLO or call the agency (02-25598518). Please mail the completed application package to the following address: 6F, No.21, Sec. 1, Dihua Street, Datong District, Taipei City. The package should be addressed to “Taipei City Outstanding Migrant Worker and Outstanding Employer Competition.”