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Amendment for Halving Amusement Tax Has passed Through Three Readings

In response to the impact of Severe Pneumonia with Novel Pathogens (COVID-19), the Department of Finance (DOF) of Taipei City Government (TCG) stated that Taipei City’s Amusement Tax Levy Autonomous Regulations proposed by Taipei City Government has passed by the Taipei city council on August 3. 


Considering the increase in operating and disease prevention costs of the entertainment industry as well as the decrease in the audience because of COVID-19, this amendment aims to balance economy and disease control via extending the period of Tax cut on the amusement tax until June 2023.

DOF further explained that the tax relief measure is applicable to all entertainment activities taking place in Taipei City till the end of June 2023.


As for the operators of the entertainment industry shutting down due to the pandemic, they can apply for a stop of Amusement tax during the closed period.

DOF intends to call attention to the entertainment industry and looks forward to its cooperation on the tax relief measure In order to give this welfare back to consumers.