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Open Party Unveils 2019 Taipei Urban Regeneration Institute Courses

* In the afternoon of May 18, the Taipei City Urban Regeneration Office (URO) hosted the Open Party to mark the launch of training courses for the Taipei Urban Regeneration Institute (TURI) at the Community Empowerment Network (formerly Ren An Hospital). Close to one hundred participants will be present at the launch to share their enthusiasm for the unveiling of the TURI courses this year.

The URO stated that Taipei has been ahead of the country in various talent-training campaigns and has been hosting the TURI courses since 2018. Aiming to connect all training resources within the URO with emphasis on the diversity of urban regeneration, the TURI as an educational institute encompasses three major subjects: community development, renewal & reconstruction, and building & maintenance. It is also committed to training professional talent for various sectors. Hoping that all training resources and talent can be effectively connected and integrated, the TURI encourages all participants to engage in cross-discipline learning so as to become all-round urban regeneration talent.

This year, the TURI launched its new “General Education Curriculum” which will run in two batches starting on Wednesday evenings from May 22 onwards at the Community Empowerment Network. The URO staff will be on hand to talk about urban regeneration policies and issues closely linked to Taipei residents, specifically on subjects like “Locally Oriented Urban Renewal,” “Urban Renewal Regulations and Practice” and “Three Stages in Maintenance”. Attendees will realize that we are actually in very close proximity to “Urban Regeneration.”

Invitees to the event include Intern Curriculum lecturers who would be giving introductory talks on the subject, “Classroom in the Fields,” to shed light on Internship topics like “Community Video Documentation,” “Monga Urban Museum,” “Small Houses Connected,” “Old Street Renewal” and “Creative Flip-over in South City.” As shared by the lecturers based on their previous training campaigns, “Field Internship” offers a process wherein participants can best experience the ethos of community development, accumulate hands-on experience, and bond as a team through partnership & collaboration, and even inspire momentum for follow-up action. As such, a major breakthrough this year is to place Internship Curriculum at the core of the training curriculum. We believe further extended teamwork and closer ties amongst communities will lead to increasing dialogue and spark unprecedented imaginative and innovative possibilities with exhilarating results.

The URO states that sign-ups this year have been more enthusiastic than ever before. Participants’ backgrounds and their areas of concern are also more diverse, an indication that more and more ardent Taipei residents are paying attention to urban regeneration topics or public affairs and even willing to engage in community work. In response to such trends, the TURI will no longer position itself as a one-sided lecturing institute, but a platform for diverse interchange as well as matching & guidance. After the Open Party, the participants will embark on a solid learning process. We hope that participants will achieve a lot out of this process, go forth and spread like budding seeds nurtured by the TURI, i.e. galvanize themselves into relevant future work and implement their learning across all Taipei communities and projects for a better living environment.

For further details, please stay tuned to the TURI website (http://taipeitransition.blogspot.tw/) and Facebook fan page (https://www.facebook.com/TaipeURI/) or call Miss Huang of Pink Panther Cultural Business Co., Ltd. at 02-2557-5679 or Miss Chen of the URO’s Coordination Section at 02-2781-5696 #3135.