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Groundbreaking Ceremony for Keelung Road Residence Building

Dignitaries at the groundbreaking ceremonyThe Keelung Road Residence Construction (B Foundation) Urban Renewal Project and Rights Transformation Plan was approved on May 3, 2018. At the groundbreaking ceremony, the residents and builder expressed their gratitude to the city government for its support of the project.
Located right across from the Taipei World Trade Center, the future building will comprise 7 basement floors and 31 floors above ground. Providing a public open space approaching 200 pings, the building is expected to improve the surrounding urban landscape and enhance day-to-day functions of the neighborhood.
According to the Urban Regeneration Office (URO), the majority of the residents living in the old building dwell in small and crammed units between 8 and 24 pings. Additional problems include complex property ownership, lack of public facility, and less-than-satisfactory environment sanitation. The agency aided home owners to secure their shares in respective proportion based on the original building to protect their rights.
Regarding the original basement floor corridor connecting to the neighboring building (A Foundation), the URO assisted in negotiations and ensured that the function of the path will be maintained after the start of construction work. It also secured the return of rights and removal of surface structure during rounds of talks with the military over several military dorm managed by the military located within the foundation’s premise.
The city government holds a consistent stance regarding urban renewal efforts, and the policy is one of the city administration emphasis for the mayor. Through the cooperation among landowners, builders, and city hall, the groundbreaking ceremony for the project successfully took place today. The city government will continue to support the project, hoping to see the new edifice completed as quickly as possible and owners moving back home soon.