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City Administration Summer Camp Students Visit VDI

The City Administration Summer Camp for middle school, high school, and vocational school students kicked-off on July 11. Led by Deputy Mayor Chen Chin-jun, the first group began their journey at the Taipei City Vocational Development Institute (VDI).

During his address to participants before the trip, Chen reminded the young students that the purpose of the visit is not only to let the students know how the city government operates, but also educate them on the necessity of acquiring diverse skills to compliment the knowledge taught at schools for a competitive edge in the future.

The first stop of the visit was the information technology section, providing the students hands-on experience with devices such as optical fiber cables. Many were surprised that the cables comprising hair-like fiber lines enable the transmission of data over distance.

At the vehicle repair section, the deputy mayor himself challenged on-site experts with the repair of dents on the vehicle’s steel surface.

At the bakery training area, the students gathered around the practice table to listen to the briefing provided by the trainer. They were amazed after having a chance to taste the freshly baked sweets.

At the end of the trip, the trainers at VDI answered questions from the young visitors about the institute, such as the relationship between labor shortage and course requirement, and how to register for classes at the institution.