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Taipei MRT has been operating for 20 years. March issue of Taipei Pictorial shows you the unique beauty of the Taipei MRT

On March 28, 1996, the first line of Taipei MRT, Wenhu Line, started operating. This convenient public transportation changed every Taipei resident’s daily life. It’s glory of Taipei. This year is Taipei MRT’s 20th anniversary. In March issue of Taipei Pictorial, published by Department of Information and Tourism under Taipei City Government, we report special chapter “20 years of Taipei MRT. The memory we share together”. We invited Tzu-Pao Yang, Consultant for Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation to expose the unique beauty of Taipei MRT. Furthermore, we report beautiful stories of unsung heroes of Taipei MRT and review important events happened in last 20 years; hence share this honor with every reader. According to Pei-chun HSIEH, Division Chief of Division of Media and Publications, Department of Information and Tourism, MRT has brought convenience to Taipei residents and tourists.
In this issue Tzu-Pao Yang shares what Taipei MRT means to him. According to Yang, Taipei MRT is quite young. However, although it is young, it still has its own distinctive character. Compared to the experience of passengers in Europe and North America, the MRT is a rare example of a public transportation system with sustained popularity and vitality. It is popular because people are using the transportation network for various purposes from early to late, and it passes through various beautiful landscapes. From the names of MRT stations we can see history of Taipei and history of Taiwan.
Behind the excellent service of Taipei MRT system, there are countless staffs’ hard-work and effort. In this issue we also report train drivers, station supervisor, volunteers, etc. Their stories and experiences lead us to review Taipei MRT’s history of past 20 years.
Furthermore, in “People in Focus” of this issue, we interview famous film director I-Chen Ko, Outstanding Contribution Award winner of 2015 Taipei Film Festival. Ko talks about how he views Taipei’s change and improvement, as well as his expectation to Taipei’s future. In “All About Cuisine” chapter, we invited Golden Bell Award winner, star chef Joel to introduce the receipt and cooking process of “Hunter Style Grilled Egg”. In spring, flowers are flourishing, “Fun Taipei” chapter introduces several recreational farms, providing readers to places to experience different kind of life and enjoy spring. It also introduces two “flower experts”, shows their fantastic skill of flower planting.
By March 15, March issue of Taipei Pictorial will be available for free at MRT stations, citizen service center at 1st floor of Taipei City Hall, the 12 district offices and household registration offices, health centers, Taipei City Hospital, Taipei Public Library and its branches, tourist information centers and tourist centers around the country. The content is also available online at the official site of Department of Information and Tourism (www.tpedoit.gov.taipei)(Chinese) and Travel.Taipei website (www.travel.taipei)(Chinese). Digital copy is also available for download via the APP QR Code on contents page of Taipei Pictorial. For further information, please call 1999 Citizen Hotline (for callers outside Taipei, please dial 02-27208889) Ext. 7564 or 7570.