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DOL Encourages Employers to Respect Muslim Workers’ Observation of Ramadan

Muslim friends enjoying a picnic after the conclusion of RamadanFor followers of Islam, Ramadan has begun on April 23. The annual event is observed by a large portion of Taipei’s 40,000 migrant workers, many of whom are Muslims.
Labor Commissioner Chen Hsin-yu called upon the employers of these migrant workers to tolerate practices of different religions and proactively look after their employees’ wellbeing – preferably providing more flexible schedules during this period to allow the Muslim workers to observe the sacred month of fasting.
According to the Islamic traditions, followers around the world are required to fast between dawn and sunset during this holy month. They can only eat and drink in the night. Muslims must also take part in required prayer sessions, conduct more readings of the Koran, and refrain from violence, anger, and other indecent acts.
The commissioner pointed out that Ramadan is an important occasion for Muslims in terms of mental training and embracing spirituality. The month-long Ramadan ends with the Eid al-Fitr, an Islamic holiday with celebrations. Taipei City Government organizes public events to mark the end of the month-long fasting with fun activities and excitement.
The Foreign and Disabled Labor Office remarked that it will continue to work with related agencies to realize the vision of a diversified and friendly city, as well as raising social awareness on the culture of migrants to promote understanding between foreign worker and employers.