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The new Taipei tourism website partners with TripAdvisor: a chance to win iPhone 6S

Browsing online for information on travelling in Taipei? Look no further, the official website for Taipei tourism will become your best friend! The newly launched website, partnered with TripAdvisor, the world’s largest travel site, places an emphasis on the needs of tourists and offers a more user-friendly way of navigation. Not only does the new website for Taipei tourism provide reviews and ratings on hotels and attractions, but it also allows users to understand the core of each attraction and can help users find the hottest places to go.
The new Taipei tourism website utilises eye-catching icons that help stimulate the visuals and make the website more interesting. The Responsive web design (RWD) allows quality viewing experience for desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. With the link between the website and social media such as Facebook, Line, Google+, Twitter, and Weibo, it only takes one click of the finger to share news and events with friends and family.
Other than having the most extensive information on traveling in Taipei and providing multimedia resources, users can now see recommended tours in the “Themed Tours” and “Insider’s Picks” tabs to explore Taipei. Furthermore, users can also personalize the webpage by bookmarking the article.
Multimedia Information Office Director of the Department of Information and Tourism Ya-Sheng Tang states that to celebrate the launch of the new Taipei tourism website and to show appreciation of the users that have supported the website, there would be a chance to win prizes such as iPhone 6S and 7-11 coupons on 12:30PM – 13:30PM Thursday June 16th by answering questions on the Taipei City Hall Line account through Line on air. website: http://www.travel.taipei/switch.html (Chinese)for more information.