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YDO Offers New Programs for Students on Field Trips to the Center

Students on a field trip at YDOThe much-anticipated and updated Youth Development Office (YDO) field trip itineraries for students visiting the institution have been unveiled! These include new contents for the second semester of academic year 2020!
Take for example the Youth Creative Space on the ninth floor of the building, which has been the venue for lessons related with technology, innovation, and maker’s education. This year, YDO welcomes new instructor teams to its ranks. The team from LIFE in life will guide junior and senior high school students in understanding financial concepts spanning exchange rate to international economy through the Pi’s Economic Sandbox boardgame. Papacode offers an analog tabletop IT science course designed specifically for elementary school students, while JYiC organizes an exciting class spotlighting hands-on experience with MAKEX robot competition.
The Live Band Experience Center on the eighth floor will offer courses related to music, inviting professional instructors from the industry to head these classes. By making the program available with more time slots, those who weren’t able to enroll last semester may have a chance to sign up for the vastly popular jazz music class.
Another minor change to the existing program is the integration of rock-climbing and rollerblade activities into a single fieldtrip itinerary this semester. This creates a more comprehensive experience for participants when they engage in the outdoor activities during their visit.
All these fun-filled courses for field trips at YDO will accept registration starting March 4 for visits slated to take place April 7 and later. For visitors who weren’t able to experience any of the exciting programs last year, don’t miss out on this opportunity!