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2006 Taipei Poetry Festival

Performers at the Taipi Poetry Festival (archives)
The 2006 Taipei Poetry Festival will be taking place from November 4 to November 11 at several venues, including Zhongshan Hall and Eslite Bookstore Dunnan Branch. In his report at the city administrative meeting on October 31, the Department of Cultural Affairs (DOCA) Commissioner Sebastian Liao discussed the preparations being carried out for this year’s Taipei Poetry Festival. This year, DOCA will be inviting major poets from around the world, including Basque language writer Kirmen Uribe, the president of the organizing board of the international festival Struga Poetry Evenings Zoran Anchevski, and Taiwan-educated contemporary poet who now resides in North America Shoo-tao. The opening ceremony “Songs from the Soul” will take place at Zhongshan Hall on November 4 and is open to the public. It will feature performances such as singing, poetry recital, music, and screening of short films. DOCA will also be holding discussion panels featuring international and local poets about a wide range of topics, from cinema to poetry for children. Commissioner Liao added that DOCA is working with “The Wall” – a local live music house – to hold the Poetry Chanting Competition. Following a highly competitive selection process, the top two winners of the competition will perform songs based on poems at the opening event. DOCA will also invite famous Spanish singer Paco Ibanez to the festival this year. He will be holding a concert at Zhongshan Hall beginning 2:30 p.m. on November 11. In addition, there will also be screening of films during the festival. The films include “Balkan Baroque,” “My Dear Muslim,” “Basque Ball,” and works by director Pierre Coulibeuf. For more information, please visit the 2006 Taipei Poetry Festival official website: http://www.2006tpf.com/