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Mayor Attends Nanmen Market Farewell Banquet

Nanmen Market closes its doors for overhaul work Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je attended the Nanmen Market Farewell Banquet in the evening of October 6.

Before the banquet started, he especially conducted a farewell tour of the market, and he also later sang 2 songs on the stage entitled Grateful Heart and Tomorrow Will Be Better as a tribute to the old stalls and customers of the market. Lastly, he also carried out the closing ceremony with those who attended the function.

During his speech, Mayor Ko mentioned that Nanmen Market was constructed in 1981. The facility has become an integral part of many Taipei citizens’ memories—even Mrs. Ko used to come here after work to purchase groceries. He commented that with other market constructions due to take place soon, this is probably the only chance to rebuild the aging structure. This is a very challenging and stressful project for the city government, but the city government will strive to realize the goal of relocating Nanmen Market to the existing location in 3 years.

Ko explained that this is also where the starting point of MRT Wanda Line will be located, so it will be integrated with the Wanda Line Station after reconstruction. He believes that the business will become more prosperous after the revamp because it is the point of convergence for the MRT. He is aware that an influx of people is equivalent to an influx of cash; he has done his research, and the statistics reveal that the number of passengers passing through the MRT station is positively related to the region’s cash flow. In other words, transportation brings people, and people represent business opportunities. He also commented that the makeshift market is slated for opening on October 17, and he hopes that the market can be returned to this location once construction of the new building reaches the 3F because there is no rush to complete the higher floors.

Lastly, Mayor Ko thanked Taipei City Public Market Self-Governing Association President Wang. He understands that organizing a market is no simple task, and involves challenges such as relocating the stalls and building the makeshift market. He also expressed his sincere gratitude to all the stalls and local folks for their generous assistance in the market relocation and reconstruction project.