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City to Realize ‘Play for All’ Vision with Installation of Inclusive Playgrounds

On January 24, Mayor Ko Wen-je pledged to add more inclusive playgrounds across the city’s parks and schools during a visit to Neihu District, where one of the parks has recently inaugurated an accessible facility.
Ko stressed that physical training and social skills building should be of equal importance to a child’s growth in addition to intellectual development. As UN Convention on the Rights of the Child sets out, “every child has the right to rest and leisure, to engage in play and recreational activities.”
The mayor pointed out, however, that physically-challenged kids may find it difficult to access barrier-free playgrounds. To address their needs, the city government has installed inclusive facilities at eight locations across the city since last year, with 11 more to follow in 2017.
The concept of inclusive playgrounds is to allow children with different abilities and special needs as well as adults to play together, hence the emphasis on simplicity, safety, accessibility, and diversity of the design of the amenities. The city government will work to ensure that all recreational equipment in Taipei embodies the spirit of “play for all.”
Since the implementation of park facilities involves coordination among Parks and Street Lights Office, Department of Education, Department of Social Welfare, Hydraulic Engineering Office, and Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation, Ko noted that he has instructed Secretary-General to integrate government resources and collect public opinions for major inclusive playgrounds throughout the city.