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Trash Pickup for Seniors and Disabled Saw 25,000 Visits Across 2 Years

Art editor ImgIn light of an aging society and considering the difficulties senior residents and those with disabilities might encounter when disposing trash, the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) introduced the Trash Pickup for Seniors Living Alone and Disabled Individuals policy starting March of 2018.
With input from the Department of Social Welfare (DOSW), district senior service centers, and borough offices, the agency finalized a list of individuals who fulfills the criteria of “living alone”, “mobility-challenged,” and “aged 65 years or above.” Following household visits to confirm their status, DEP began providing trash pickup service to these individuals directly, removing trash directly from their doorsteps at appointed time.
As of the end of last year, agency staff have carried out 25,516 visits to serve qualified senior citizens. For elders who meet the aforementioned qualifications and require customized trash pickup service, please contact the respective district cleaning teams or call the 1999 Citizens’ Hotline.
Ms. Yang, a senior citizen who receives this service, noted that all she has to do was to bring the garbage to her door at the designated time and hand it to the garbageman. Through this service, she can avoid the risky and lengthy walk to the trash collection point, freeing her from the worry that she won’t make it in time before the garbage truck leaves.  
According to DEP, the Trash Pickup for Seniors Living Alone and Disabled Individuals service helps senior citizens maintain a tidy living environment at home, while the frequent visit by agency staff provides them with small chats and make sure everything is well. With the help of DOSW and local borough offices, DEP will continue to update the list to expand services to more qualified senior citizens.