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Land Administration Department Holds Forum to Discuss Real Estate Properties

The Land Administration Department joined hands with Taipei Association of Real Estate Brokers to organize the “Taipei Real Estate Forum” at the Taipei World Trade Center on June 13.
According to the Land Administration Department, the opening speaker of the first session professor Peng Chien-wen of National Taipei University indicated that the real estate market is encountering the problem of ‘four highs and one low’– high housing price, high self-owned, high vacancy, high risk, and low quality.
The first forum speaker, founding chairman of Chinese Association of Real Estate Brokers Wang Ying-chieh, noted that it is important to help young people purchase homes in the face of high housing prices, as well as establishing a guarantor mechanism and comprehensive tax system for first-time housing buyers.
The second forum speaker, the honorary chairman of the Land Administration Agent Association of the R.O.C. Wang Chin-hsiang remarked that it is important to provide young people with accurate knowledge on house-buying as a first step toward resolving the issue of unaffordable housing prices, adopting strategies such as rent-first-buy-later. He also called for open discussion on housing policies to realize housing justice, as well as using private sector resources to strengthen management and establishment of fair tax burdens. He also reminded the government not to lead in opportunistic investing of real estate.
The forum’s host Commissioner Li Te-chuan of Land Administration Department pointed out that during the “Actions to Make the Housing Market More Healthy” press conference on June 8, his agency published the statistics of violations in the different types of real estate property trading and analyzed trends and causes of real estate prices over the past decade.
Through forum discussions, the participants arrived at the conclusion that the government’s policies should emphasize on “adjusting and monitoring the housing market and looking after the disadvantaged.” In other words, the government should focus on efforts to make the housing market healthier to tackle the problem of houses being affordable. The solution to not being able to find houses to rent lies in the government’s social housing policies. The two should not be confused.