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​Learning Indigenous Language, Culture through Boardgames

​Learning Indigenous Language, Culture through BoardgamesHow would you like to enjoy the opportunity to learn 16 different tribal languages and listen to indigenous folklores while playing a board game?
For over a decade, the Indigenous Peoples Commission (IPC) conducted the Taipei City Indigenous People Senior Citizens LOHAS Project to educate senior citizens on indigenous culture and to develop innovative tools used for teaching this subject. Through fun activities and interactive coursework, the elderly trainees learn more about indigenous skills and culture. After they retire, their familiarity with the subject allows them to continue sharing the knowledge with others at schools and institutions through organized activity sessions.
The latest training program was held at the Taipei City Indigenous Peoples Hall on November 17. For the class, IPC invited Director Chen Ming-te to share teaching methods using the “Exploring Indigenous Power” boardgame distributed by the Taipei Indigenous Education Resource Center. In the future, these elders will be able to visit schools and institutions and, interacting with students through a game encouraging conversation and sharing story-telling experience. 
Thanks to the boardgame, the elders will be able to converse with the younger ones in rudimentary indigenous languages. After sitting through the game and coursework, the students will also find out more about Taiwan’s tribal language and culture.
Due to the pandemic, the training program is conducted in a combination of both physical and online classes, encouraging those enrolled to continue learning and work with each other.