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Road and Pipeline Info Center Welcomes Guangzhou Delegation

Headed by the deputy chairman Tan of Guangzhou City Engineering Cost Association, a delegation from Guangzhou City Government arrived at Taipei’s Road and Pipeline Information Center for a visit on November 4.
The two sides exchanged experience and achievements through introducing the visitors to Taipei City’s pioneering “Smart Management of Pipeline Digging,” “24-hour Joint Stationing of Pipeline Authorities,” and “Underground Pipeline 3D Geographic Info System” approaches towards managing pipeline excavation and construction control.
The briefing also featured a real-time broadcast live from a construction site through 4G mobile wireless connection for the purpose of monitoring ongoing work. Should any emergency take place during the excavation process, the images will help staff at the center communicate with stationed personnel to better resolve the situation.
Furthermore, the public can also access construction images through the app, ensuring the right of citizens to monitor the process. All changes to the pipeline layout will be reported after construction to help the drafting of a 3D pipeline deployment map to ensure information accuracy for future projects.
The members of the delegation asked questions on topics ranging from the technology involved in connecting the center to the construction site in real time to the details required to have staff from the different agencies and institutions to be stationed at the joint office. The guests hope that the experience from this visit will help Guangzhou City in devising a management plan for road construction and pipeline excavation.