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Taipei City Government 2020 Employee Family Day Event Opening Ceremony

For the Taipei City Government to encourage employees in interacting with their families, the Employee Family Day Event will be held on August 7, 2020, at the lobby on 1/F of the Taipei City Hall. The event started at 9:20 attracted 707 employees and dependents from 249 families.

At the event venue, there was popcorn, balloon arts, and purikura (Japanese photo booths and photo stickers) booths for employees and their family. The event began with a magic show to warm up the atmosphere. After the lovely performance presented by children of the Taipei City Government Kindergarten, the opening address of Mayor Wen-Je Ko officially unveiled the event. Employees and their family participating in the event joyously took pictures with Taipei City mascot “Bravo” and Mayor Ko. To attract more employees and their family to participate in the event, a group dance and clown show were arranged to interact with children. The TPCG provided food and fun for all participants to this lively event.

Through the Employee Family Day Event, the families shall improve their understanding of the government staff’s working environment, and offer their support to the employees’ hard work out of empathy while improving the emotional bonding through interaction in the event. In recent years, the event has attracted over 700 participants, demonstrating the assurance of the event from TPCG employees.