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NO.TitlePublish Date
7841WorldMUN Taipei 2010 Opens at SYS Memorial Hall2010-03-16
7842Taipei City Hospital-Heping Branch, taking endemic prevention as its mandate, has won the 2009 Symbol of National Quality, SNQ through its establishment of the first vision protection joint project between the “Endemic Prevention Specialized Hospital” and “School Children’s Vision Protection Project”2010-03-16
7843Mayor Doubles as One-day Farmer at Rice Planting Event2010-03-16
7844Zhongshan Public Assembly Hall Opens on March 132010-03-16
7845“Pharmacy on Line” streamlines prescription service in a more effective, time-saving, money-saving and dioxide carbon emission reduction /environment-friendly way2010-03-15
7846Mayor, Ramirez Attend Tree-planting Ceremony2010-03-15
7847WorldMUN Taipei 2010 Opens at SYS Memorial Hall2010-03-15
7848Kiwanis Delegation Visits City Hall2010-03-12
7849Ceremony of Donation by Guan Du Temple to Cardiovascular Checkup Center, Yang Ming Branch, Taipei City Hospital2010-03-12
7850LA Dodgers Arrive in Taiwan for Exhibition Matches2010-03-12
7851Discovery Taipei Offers Tips on Spring Outings in Taipei2010-03-11
7852Taichung Baseball Stadium to Stage Performance of Turandot2010-03-11
7853Mayor Praises Taxis Offering Internet Serivces2010-03-10
7854Fun Taipei – The Taipei City Govt. Marches into Berlin to Turn a Bright New Page for the City2010-03-09
7855S.H.E. named Spokespersons for Taipei Intl’ Flora Expo 2010-03-09
7856Mayor Supports New Pregnancy Leave Plan2010-03-09
7857City Honors Residents Helping Solve Criminal Case2010-03-09
7858Mayor Attends Women’s Day Celebration2010-03-08
7859Maokong Gondola Undergoes Safety Inspection by Experts2010-03-08
7860DOE Releases English Picture Books by Local Teachers and Kids2010-03-05