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Adoption of Rescue Dog ‘Ruby’ Now Open for Application

Adoption of Rescue Dog ‘Ruby’ Now Open for Application

The Fire Department (TFD) is calling on the public to adopt the search and rescue dog Ruby – an eight-year-old German shepherd retiring from the agency.

According to TFD, the City’s rescue dog squad has enlisted 12 canines since its establishment on December 21, 2000. Among the members, 10 dogs have passed the level B exams under the International Rescue Dog Organization (IRO) certification system. The well-trained dogs have carried out rescue missions in both Taiwan and abroad, including countries such as Iran, Indonesia, and China. They play an important role in the aftermath of earthquakes, tsunamis, gas explosions, mountain accidents, and other disaster scenarios.

However, given the strenuous and demanding work environment, the average service period for a rescue dog is either four years or mandatory discharge at the age of seven. The campaign encouraging adoption of rescue dogs has proven successful in helping six canines find sweet foster homes after retirement since August 28, 2015.

TFD noted that Ruby received her IRO RH-TB certification in 2012. With both age and years in service reaching the limits, Ruby is facing mandatory retirement. The agency invites dog enthusiasts to apply for adopting this courageous rescue dog before the deadline of January 6, 2018.

The criteria for would-be foster families include the following: residing on the ground floor of a house with a backyard/outdoor space of at least 10 square meters; Taipei citizens preferred.

Application form can be downloaded at For inquiries, call TFD at 02-2729-76685, ext. 6323 or 02-8502-6151.

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