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New Year’s Eve Party: Seat Reservation Now Open for Disabled People

New Year’s Eve Party: Seat Reservation Now Open for Disabled People

With the New Year’s bash right around the corner, the Department of Social Welfare (DSW) has secured a dedicated zone for disabled participants to enjoy the annual music and fireworks spectacle!

The agency invites people on wheelchairs or with mobility impairment using assistive cane(s), as well those who are visually-impaired, with autism, or mentally-disabled to sign up for a seat starting 9 AM on December 4.

Considering factors such as safety and access, the designated zones for disable people will be located at the intersection of New Renai Road and Keelung Road. Taking up a total area of 70-pings, the zone has a capacity for 85 disabled individuals and one companion for each of them.

Signup for the designated zone is accepted between 9 AM on December 4 and 5 PM on December 8. To register, please visit the Chinese website of DSW ( and click on the “2018 New Year’s Eve Party Seating Registration for Disabled Individuals” banner. Registration is also available by calling the agency (TEL: 02-2759-7728 or 02-2759-7729) and submitting the registration form via fax (FAX: 02-2720-9229).

Results will be announced at the Chinese website of DSW at 10 AM on December 15. Successful applicants will be notified by email or SNS; those signing up via fax will be notified over phone.

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